About Us

Only the best is good enough

We are Richard and Sigrid van Wijngaarden. Based at region Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We always want to distinguish ourselves. We love exclusive, unique items. We love to travel to extraordinary destinations, to be inspired. Always when we are traveling, we are overwelmed by ideas, because then our head is empty and gives room for inspiration. We value specialties. This adventure started back in June 2017, when we were at Bali for our Honeymoon, and we visited a coffee plantation, where Kopi Luwak has been produced. They have a 1 acre area, where Civet Cats are living for free and so we tasted our first Kopi Luwak ever. It catcht us right away and we decided to intergrate it at night during our holiday into a website which we already had at that moment. We made a long way since then, we spare you all the details, but there Rich.Exclusive was born and here we are. Thé specialist for the most exclusive, most luxurious, highest quality products. We aim to be 'thé online warehouse for the most exclusive products'. We are only focussing on the best of the best and we are shipping worldwide.