Rent a Ford F150

Rent a Ford F150

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  • Car rental available through Europe
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The Ford F-150. Stylish luxury in a cool package. American icon. The F has been around since 1948! A huge success. Literal. Americans like big, powerful and luxurious. This tough terrain executioner has it all.

Unfortunately, in Europe there is little rough terrain where you are allowed to drive. Ford understood that perfectly. This pick-up drives wonderfully on the Dutch asphalt. A powerful statement! You can of course rent the beautiful Ford F150 Platinum at Buena Vida Supercar Rental in Maassluis.

Renting the Ford F150 is perfect for a great wedding day

Did you know that a lot of weddings take place in 'our Ford'? It is beautiful white and will take some time to put something on your doorstep. What do you mean, grand entrance? And the best part is the space you have. This means you can get in and out easily and without worries with your fragile wedding dress and expensive suit. Even the bridesmaids or boys ride along. How cool do they think that is?

You can travel comfortably with the Ford F150

That golf trip with your buddies? There is no better companion than this Ford . How many golf sets do you want to take with you? The five of us? No problem! Everything fits and you arrive at your golf hotel in style.

Even for a longer trip, there is little better than the Ford F150. You look over everyone on the highway and take with you a lot of luggage that would give a horse hiccups. And we don't really like to talk about supercars; but this Ford is quite economical. Secretly nice if you go on  holiday  to Lake Garda and have to return. 

The F150, a mighty pick-up with power and luxury

The 365 hp V6 is more powerful than its predecessor with eight cylinders. It sounds and feels just as thick, but is much more economical. Are you only going for a few hours and do you really want a V8? Then grab our white  Dodge 1500 RAM.

This Ford F150 offers you everything you could want. Luxury leather upholstery of course. An extensive infotainment system and large screen with Apple Carplay. Cameras all around, so nice and safe because the F150 is quite large, so to speak.

Rent the Ford F150 at Buena Vida in Maassluis

You really should come and see this super cool pick-up truck. Make an appointment without obligation with our advisors and tell us your wishes. Rent a Ford F150, visit our showroom with a delicious cup of coffee and anticipation is guaranteed!




Cylinder capacity


0-100 km/h

16.2 sec

Top speed


Construction year


Price range

1st Class


All mentioned rates are excluding VAT and fuel.

Price per hour. Unlimited kilometers. € 100,-
Price per day (10:00 to 18:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 500,-
Price per day (10:00 to 0:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 750,-
Price per day (24 hours). Unlimited kilometers. € 1.000,-
Security deposit. Mandatory only for self-driving. € 1.000,-
Extra charge per kilometer. Only applicable for exceeding the contract. € 100
Insurance for ages 18 to 24. € 200,-
Insurance for ages 25 and above. € 100,-


Pick-up and delivery service. Starting from €50. € 2,50 per kilometer
Chauffeur service € 50,- per hour

Delivery and delivery charges

Supercars can be rent through whole Europe.
Cars can be brought to you at location by using our trailer.

Jets can be chartered worldwide.
We collaborate with Villiers who has collaboration with 10.000 Jets and 40.000 airports. 


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