Rent a Ford F-150 Lightning

Rent a Ford F-150 Lightning

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The Ford F-150 Lightning. Stylish luxury combined with modern electric power. A renewed American legend. Although the F-Series has been around since 1948, the Lightning marks an exciting new era. Proof of great innovation. Literal. Americans like big, powerful and luxurious, and this electric variant of the tough all-terrain vehicle offers all that, along with a greener, emission-free driving experience.

Electric power in a robust jacket

The future is here and this time it comes with an electric 'roar'. Meet our Ford F-150 Lightning, the younger, more sustainable brother of the F-150 Platinum. The same sturdy appearance, but with a nod to a greener future. Because at Buena Vida Supercar Rental in Maassluis we not only love power and luxury; we also have an eye for sustainability.

But is that really something, an electric F-150? Well, ehh yes! We now understand that this Ford is sold out almost all over the world. And that started in the USA itself. Americans embracing an electric version of their best-rated pick-up so en masse? Wow! We hate to admit it, but you indeed quickly forget about the V8.

Say yes to the F-150 Lightning on your wedding day

Marrying with a green conscience? With the F-150 Lightning you make a grand and sustainable entrance. He arrives at rest, but makes a great statement. You want to stand out? Well, with the Lightning you do that in the best possible way. The space in the cabin ensures that you and your partner can effortlessly get into your chic outfits and there is even enough room for your bridesmaids and bridesmaids.

For the adventurers: on to the unknown!

With this electric giant, even the most ambitious road trips are a piece of cake. Whether you're planning a surfing weekend with your friends or a multi-day camping trip with the family, the Ford F-150 Lightning always has room. And with the solid range you don't have to worry about where the nearest charging station is. Ok, you like adventure, but it's nice to feel a little safe. With cameras all around and sensors that warn you in time, you can drive with peace of mind in this quite large vehicle.

The Ford F-150 Lightning, a green giant full of luxury

Throw all your prejudices about electric vehicles overboard. This F-150 Lightning is equipped with all the luxury you expect. We are talking about premium leather seats, an advanced 15.5” infotainment system, high-tech audio system and of course Apple CarPlay. And with 560 electric horsepower under the hood, it is anything but a snail on the road. Forget that old V8; this is the F150 powerplant of the future.

Look, Buena Vida of course has an indomitable passion for big V8s and everything above. Sorry, that's just in our genes. But where we can simultaneously become more sustainable in our business operations, we will do so. We also use the Ford F-150 Lightning ourselves to deliver your supercar to your door. And no, that doesn't necessarily have to be with a big V8 for that trailer.

Visit Buena Vida in Maassluis for the Ford F-150 Lightning

Are you convinced yet? We understand if you want to see this electric powerhouse with your own eyes. Make an appointment with our advisor and visit us in Maassluis. He is happy to show you the ins and outs of this unique vehicle and of course the rest of our impressive range. While enjoying a cup of coffee, of course.

Rent the Ford F-150 Lightning now

The Ford F-150 Lightning from Buena Vida Supercar Rental is a pickup that is not only big, but also grand. With the F-150 Lightning you take a step into the future, without sacrificing power or luxury. Take that opportunity and experience for yourself what electric power can do for you!




Cylinder capacity


0-100 km/h

4.5 sec

Top speed


Construction year


Price range

1st Class


All mentioned rates are excluding VAT and fuel.

Price per hour. Unlimited kilometers. € 100,-
Price per day (10:00 to 18:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 500,-
Price per day (10:00 to 0:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 750,-
Price per day (24 hours). Unlimited kilometers. € 1.000,-
Security deposit. Mandatory only for self-driving. € 1.000,-
Extra charge per kilometer. Only applicable for exceeding the contract. € 200
Insurance for ages 18 to 24. € 200,-
Insurance for ages 25 and above. € 100,-


Pick-up and delivery service. Starting from €50. € 2,50 per kilometer
Chauffeur service € 50,- per hour

Delivery and delivery charges

Supercars can be rent through whole Europe.
Cars can be brought to you at location by using our trailer.

Jets can be chartered worldwide.
We collaborate with Villiers who has collaboration with 10.000 Jets and 40.000 airports. 


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