Discover the magic of Kopi Luwak: coffee perfected by nature!

Discover the magic of Kopi Luwak: coffee perfected by nature!
🐾 Did you know that Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, is one of the rarest and most unique coffees in the world? The secret lies in the special process:
Civets select the best coffee cherries, digest them and defecate them. Then the beans are carefully cleaned and roasted to a coffee with an unparalleled taste!
😲 This exquisite coffee has a rich and velvety aroma, with notes of chocolate and caramel. It is a true delicacy for coffee lovers looking for something unique and extraordinary.
🌿 But let’s not forget to discuss the ethics of the Kopi Luwak industry. It is important to ensure that you buy Kopi Luwak from ethical sources that are committed to the welfare of the animals. This way we can enjoy this unique coffee while supporting responsible practices.
Rich.Exclusive. Coffee ensures the welfare of Civet cats, because the cats roam free in a large reserve in Bali and they eat the coffee cherries naturally. Our coffee plantation is located in the region of the largest volcano of Bali in the north of the island. No rice plantation can be built in this part of the island, because no water can flow out of the mountains. That is why the best quality Luwak coffee comes from there, since this is the specialty of the region.
Coffee berries grow wild in nature and fall from the tree by itself. The civet cats eat these berries at night, as they naturally do. That makes our Kopi Luwak 100% natural and Luwak-friendly!
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