Rent a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Rent a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Our deep black Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a very powerful muscle car. A muscle car with doping, so to speak. With an overwhelming 6.2-liter 'Supercharged' HEMI V8 you have no less than 717(!) hp under your right foot.

A wonderful ode to the 'roaring sixties' in the USA

Are you a child of the 60s? Then you probably know what a muscle car is. But we would like to tell you again. In America, the major car manufacturers came up with something funny. They noticed that the younger generation was not actually interested in their heaving V8 battleships of 6 meters and longer. It had to be sportier, more agile, more powerful, thicker.

A new segment emerged. The American 'compact middle class'. Colloquially called 'Pony Cars'. The most popular were the Ford Mustang , Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Without exception, Ford , Chevrolet and Dodge put in quite potent V8 blocks. 400 hp or more was the rule rather than the exception. The Muscle Car was born! Ideal for the drag strip or to win over your high school sweetheart. Iconic cars. At least, until the oil crisis in the early 1970s meant the (temporary) end of the fun.

Buena Vida Supercar Rental brings back that '60's Muscle Power'. And how! 

The American Government forced manufacturers to downgrade their muscle cars to toothless junkies with measly 6-cylinder engines. That lasted until the beginning of this century, but then it became fun again! New technologies made it possible to use old-fashioned, but much cleaner, horsepower and cubic inches. The next generation muscle power! More powerful than ever! And Buena Vida Supercar Rental now has an absolute 'Collectors Item' in the rental fleet; the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a muscle car with doping.

Our deep black Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a very powerful muscle car. A muscle car with doping, so to speak. With an overwhelming 6.2-liter 'Supercharged' HEMI V8 you have no less than 717(!) hp under your right foot. Many Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche cannot match it. No, this Hellcat is certainly not a cat to pick up without gloves.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat from Buena Vida is an unforgettable experience!

Roaring, pounding and plenty of power anytime, anywhere. Don't compare the Dodge Hellcat to a Ferrari , Lamborghini , Mercedes AMG , Audi R8 or other European supercar. No ultra-luxury and expensive-feeling details and finishes. Dodge does it completely differently. Brute force! And you consciously choose that. Nice!

Take a seat in the spacious leather seats and press the start button. The claps of thunder that sound from the special exhausts of this black beast will spontaneously give you and the entire street goosebumps. Or a heart attack... You may enjoy the Challenger Hellcat the most when you cruise relaxed and enjoy the wonderful 'music' from the orchestra of the 8 mighty cylinders. But every intermediate sprint also gives you and those around you a spontaneous adrenaline rush. With a strong roar, this cat leaves everything and everyone behind with playful ease.

Of course, a smooth automatic transmission ensures that the enormous power is delivered perfectly to the rear wheels. So no heavy clutch or manual shifting. Fortunately, the Brembo braking system also lets you stop safely. And with the reversing camera you can park this American as easily as a VW Polo.

Of course, it is already impressive in the photos. But you just have to come and see and pet our house cat 'live'. Or one of our other rare supercars of course. What do you think of our Ford Mustang Convertible? Prefer a European beauty? Then, for example, our  Lamborghini Huracán  Mercedes AMG-GTC  Aston Martin Vanquish  Audi R8- V10 Spider  Ferrari 458  or one of our other gems are at your disposal. Just visiting our beautiful showroom in Maassluis is already an outing.




Cylinder capacity


0-100 km/h

4 sec

Top speed


Construction year


Price range

Class 2


All mentioned rates are excluding VAT and fuel.

Price per hour. Unlimited kilometers. € 200,-
Price per day (10:00 to 18:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 1.000,-
Price per day (10:00 to 0:00). Includes 250 kilometers free. € 1.500,-
Price per day (24 hours). Unlimited kilometers. € 2.000,-
Security deposit. Mandatory only for self-driving. € 1.500,-
Extra charge per kilometer. Only applicable for exceeding the contract. € 2,00
Insurance for ages 18 to 24. € 200,-
Insurance for ages 25 and above. € 100,-


Pick-up and delivery service. Starting from €50. € 2,50 per kilometer
Chauffeur service € 50,- per hour

Bezorging en bezorgkosten

Bezorging en bezorgkosten.

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Verzending binnen de BENELUX.
Wij verzenden u per persoonlijke koerier. De bezorging vindt plaats op een exacte dag en tijd.
Levering altijd gratis.
Indien voor 13.00 uur besteld = binnen 2 werkdagen geleverd.
Indien na     13.00 uur besteld = binnen 3 werkdagen geleverd.

Indien op vrijdag, zaterdag of zondag besteld, wordt de bestelling op woensdag bezorgd.


Verzending binnen Nederland (Europa).
Wij verzenden via GLS. Gratis bij bestellingen boven de € 50,-.
Daaronder bedragen de verzendkosten: € 14,95.
Levertijd: Indien voor 21.00 uur besteld = volgende werkdag geleverd.
Indien besteld op vrijdag, zaterdag of zondag , wordt de bestelling op dinsdag bezorgd.

Verzending naar alle overige landen in Europa.
Wij verzenden gratis via GLS of TNT (PostNL) bij bestellingen boven de € 50,-.
Daaronder bedragen de verzendkosten: € 14,95.
Levertijd binnen Europa: 72 uur werkdagen, dus exclusief het weekend.

Verzending naar alle overige landen wereldwijd buiten Europa.
Wij verzenden gratis met UPS bij bestellingen boven de € 120,-.
Daaronder bedragen de verzendkosten: € 24,95.
De levertijd kan per land verschillen, maar in de VS leveren wij binnen 2-4 werkdagen.


Wereldwijde Verzending.
Levering altijd gratis.
Verdere leveringsinformatie vindt u in onze IKAPE-winkel.

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Uw thuisadres
Een alternatief woonadres
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